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Welcome Message From Pastor Linda Hillman

Welcome to New Life Evangelistic Ministries International. We are located in the metropolitan city of San Francisco, CA. San Francisco was always destined to be a city of love, acceptance and freedom, where people from all walks of life can express themselves in their own unique individuality. Many came to San Francisco because they were rejected or misunderstood. They came to San Francisco with a hope and a promise of new life. They came for the gold that glittered brightly and called to them from a far. Many came and still were forsaken or forgotten, some left lost and disillusioned but few married the land and committed to the hope of a New life.

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We, at New Life Evangelistic Ministries, would like to say to those searching for that hope, freedom and love that God says, “My delight is in you” and he is love in the purest form. Though San Francisco seems to be deep in darkness, His light will shine forth like the dawn and He will shake everything that can be shaken, just to save you and give you that new life you desire. New Life will establish God’s Kingdom in San Francisco. We ae establishing a House of Prayer for all people where love, hope, acceptance and freedom will allow you to be exactly who God designed you to be. We will be a dwelling place for God and he will draw those who are searching for peace, wounded by life hurts, habits and hang-ups, those desiring to be counted and committed.

God is calling you forth. It’s time that you know what you were created to do and be in this world. We are here to ignite the fire of lasting revival and aggressive evangelism. From the city of the Golden Gate to the city of Jerusalem we will sine forth as a beacon of hope, grace and mercy. We invite you to join us. It’s time you came home.

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